SINBRAN® filter elements for Food and Pharma applications

SINBRAN® FP filter elements can be used in applications for Food and Pharma without problems.

General speaking all objects (e.g. SINBRAN® FP filter elements) that get in contact with food must fulfill two basic criterias.

On the one hand, the materials used must be suitable as a food contact material and on the other hand, they must be manufactured in accordance with a “good manufacturing practice” (GMP). This is requested by EU 1935/2004 (EU 10/2011) and the regulations of the FDA (FDA 21CFR177.xxxx).

For manufacturing according to GMP, the regulation EU 2023/2006 applies.

SINBRAN® FP filter elements consist only of materials which have been declared harmless by both regulations. Manufacturing is carried out according to the requirements of the EU 2023/2006.