SINBRAN® filter elements are a combination from sintered and porous Polythylene and an e-PTFE membrane laminated onto the surface.

Filtration made easy! Worldwide several ten thousand SINBRAN® filter elements are in use.

Assuring arguments even for difficult applications

For the separation of non-agglomerating dust SINBRAN® filter modules offer the highest grade of separation at low pressure drop. Even below the dew point they keep the ability to clean.

Because of the large mechanical stability of the material a long service life of approximately five to six years is possible.

Use the advantages at high filtration speed, high dust load, strong mechanical stress by frequent pulsing and filtration of critical dusts.

Dedusting of a toner dust mill

The reliable separation of even the finest particles with a consistently low pressure loss allows a high process reliability.

Pneumatic transport in the production of catalysts

Despite a high air-to-cloth ratio and abrasive product, the low emission values were maintained during a long service life.

Pneumatic transport in metal pigment production

Despite an abrasive product, the low emission values can be maintained over a long service life.

Workplace dedusting in metal processing

Due to the low pressure loss, even with a high filter surface load, a consistently high suction performance is achieved, which allows reliable compliance with the MAK values.

Pneumatic reactor filling in herbicide production

With the help of a special design of the filter element, the low emission values could be reliably maintained at a constant differential pressure in an existing system.

Dedusting of automatic coating systems during enamelling

Thanks to very good cake removal from the filter surface, the system achieves a consistently low pressure loss and allows long service life

Silo filter for superabsorbers

Even in humid weather, the highly hygroscopic dust can be safely cleaned and thus allows a constant and low differential pressure.

Exhaust of Overspray during powder coating

The very smooth and even membrane surface allows a very good wash-off at the color change. Thus, the set-up time of the system can be kept very short.

Exhaust of pigment grinding

In cooperation with an OEM, a special design has been developed which allows a very low differential pressure over a long service life.

Pneumatic conveying in accumulator production

Due to the smooth and uniform membrane surface, the partially moist dust is almost completely cleaned off and allows trouble-free operation of the system and achieving emission levels below the limits