Low Emission Module

This innovative low-emission module filter element sets new standards in filtration technology and is specially designed for applications that place the highest demands on emission control and safety.

Our Low Emission Module has been developed to meet the most stringent filtration requirements. It is particularly recommended for use in battery manufacturing, the chemical industry and for the filtration of hazardous substances. Each filter element is individually produced and is subject to both mechanical and manual inspections to guarantee 100% quality.

The Low Emission Module is designed to withstand the highest loads. It is characterised by high temperature resistance and can withstand temperatures of up to 90 °C. This makes it ideal for demanding industrial applications.
Our filter elements offer excellent chemical resistance, so they can work reliably even in aggressive environments.
They are also extremely resilient to mechanical stress, ensuring efficient and long-lasting filtration.

A particular highlight of our low-emission module is its ability to recover 100% of the product. This means that no valuable products are lost and the efficiency of your processes is maximised.

For applications where electrostatic charging could be a problem, we also offer our modules in an antistatic version. This provides additional safety and reliability.

To ensure that our filter elements arrive at your premises undamaged, each element is individually packaged in a plastic dust cover and a separate cardboard box. This careful packaging protects the modules from damage during transport and ensures 100% protection.

Experience the future of emission control with our Low Emission Module. For further information and individual advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

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