SINBRAN® modules for installation on the raw gas side or clean gas side

SINBRAN® standard elements consist of 8, 12 or 18 pipes arranged in a row on a flange and closed on the opposite side with a base plate. The standard lengths of the elements are 950, 1260 and 1500 mm.

Special dimensions are available on request.

The elements can be manufactured for installation on the clean or raw gas side.

They are also available in antistatic or LABS-free versions. (LABS = paint wetting impairment substances)

SINBRAN® filter elements combine the strengths of membrane filtration with those of rigid body filtration. The ePTFE membrane ensures high separation efficiency with low pressure loss. The rigid base body offers a robustness that cannot be achieved with bag filters or pleated elements.
ePTFE membrane enables effective cleaning:
SINBRAN® elements work extremely reliably in jet pulse systems, as dry powders practically do not stick.
The membrane also prevents the product from penetrating into the base body.

Easy cleaning of stubborn incrustations:
Thanks to its rigid body, SINBRAN® can be easily dismantled and cleaned manually. (Please follow the cleaning instructions!)

With its easily washable ePTFE membrane, SINBRAN® is ideal for cleaning-in-place, e.g. when changing products.

The elements can be manufactured in antistatic quality if required.

1. Low emissions:
The microfine structure of the membrane ensures >99.9 % separation efficiency

2. Low pressure losses:
Double the throughput possible with the same load

3. 100 % ePTFE membrane:
The material with the best non-stick properties

4. Long service life:
Operating times of over 6 years are not uncommon

5. Clear and simple surface:
The filter surface is free of creases, corners or blind spots where dust can accumulate

Tube material Porous HD PE (High Density Polyethylene)
Membrane material 100 % ePTFE
Flange material Polyethylene, stainless steel, polyethylene with embedded carbon black
Standard connections Installation on the raw gas or clean gas side
Standard sizes with 8, 12 or 18 pipes per element
Special sizes on request
Total lengths min. 495 mm to max. 1,500 mm
Washable Yes. Please follow instructions!
Continuous operating temperature 70 °C (without chemical exposure and vertical installation)
Max. Max. operating temperature (peaks) 75 °C (< 10 minutes)
Pressure loss Double flow rate possible with the same load
Antistatic design Surface resistance < 108 Ohm (according to IEC 60079-1 and -2)
The specified data are typical values. They may also change due to technical modifications. If you have any questions, please contact Sinbran GmbH.
  • Pure or raw gas side
  • Vertical installation. Horizontal installation after technical clarification
  • Compatible with other rigid body or panel filter elements (after prior verification of the installation dimensions)
  • Different flange lengths can be combined to equip round filter containers with maximum filter surface area