Reinforced elements

SINBRAN® filter elements – Reinforced version

The innovative SINBRAN® filter elements in reinforced design set new standards in filtration technology with sintered filter tubes with laminated ePTFE membrane. They offer outstanding properties for the most demanding applications in modern industrial technology.

Our reinforced SINBRAN® filter elements are characterised by exceptional temperature resistance. They are able to withstand peak temperatures of up to 90 °C and can be used continuously at temperatures of up to 85 °C.
For horizontal installation or for large modules, please contact us in advance.

SINBRAN® filter elements in a reinforced design are ideal for use in aggressive atmospheres. Their increased chemical resistance enables reliable operation even under extreme conditions. For special applications, we also recommend consulting us to ensure compatibility and performance.

The very high mechanical resilience is an outstanding feature of the reinforced SINBRAN® filter elements. They are able to withstand pressure differences (ΔP) of over 500 mbar without any problems, making them the ideal choice for applications with high mechanical requirements.