Internally loaded ring filters

Our state-of-the-art internally loaded ring filters are manufactured in both food and pharmaceutical quality as well as in industrial quality and offer outstanding performance features that meet the highest industry standards.

Our internally loaded ring filters are versatile and particularly suitable for applications in the fields of ventilation, pneumatic transport and vacuum pump protection. Thanks to their robust construction and excellent filtration properties, they offer reliable protection and optimum performance in a wide range of industrial applications.
The ten mm thick wall of our ring filters, combined with an internally laminated ePTFE membrane, ensures maximum strength and durability. strength and durability. This robust construction is responsible for the long service life under the most demanding conditions.

Our internally laminated ring filters are manufactured to the highest industry standards and fulfil strict quality requirements. The internal ePTFE membrane ensures excellent filtration efficiency, while the strong wall construction easily withstands mechanical loads.

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Experience the future of filtration technology with our internally pressurised ring filters – robust, reliable and powerful.