SINBRAN® filter elements for use in painting applications

In order to achieve flawless painting, the surfaces to be painted must not be contaminated with impurities. These contaminants are not only silicones, but also certain fats and oils.

For the filter element, this means that no components may be released and it must be free from substances that interfere with paint wetting (LABS-free).

SINBRAN® filter elements consist only of polyethylene, PTFE and, if necessary, stainless steel. No additives are used in production.

In the porous sintered body, the individual particles are firmly fused together at their contact surfaces. In contrast to felts, fabrics or spunbonds, no particles or fibres can come loose during operation and thus contaminate the paint dust.

The PTFE membrane used is firmly bonded to the sintered surface and reliably separates the dust on the surface. This prevents contamination of the filter element by embedded dust.

The stainless steel of the flange reinforcements is neutral towards the product.

The EPDM gaskets used are manufactured in such a way that they do not contain any critical substances.

SINBRAN® filter elements and their components are manufactured purely thermally or mechanically.

No foreign materials such as lubricants, oils, adhesives, casting compounds or solvents are used. This prevents the SINBRAN® filter element from contaminating the product.

The production machines are designed accordingly and are freed from unintentional contamination by a special cleaning step before each production batch.

1. Low emissions:
The microfine structure of the membrane ensures separation efficiencies greater than 99.9 %.

2. Simple and complete cleaning when changing products:
The simple, round geometry means there are no creases or blind spots.

3. 100 % ePTFE membrane:
The material with the best non-stick properties.

4. Flexible in use:
Various flanges and freely selectable lengths ensure a wide range of applications.

In the almost 20 years since the market launch of SINBRAN® filter elements, several thousand elements have been successfully used in painting and coating applications.