SINBRAN® filter modules are a combination of porous, sintered polyethylene and an ePTFE membrane. They combine the advantages of the membrane technology with those of the rigid body filtration.

SINBRAN® filter modules demonstrate excellent filtration results even in difficult applications. During the filtration of non-agglomerating substances SINBRAN® filter modules offer the highest degree of separation. Even below the dew point they keep the ability to stay clean.

The large mechanical stability of the material offers a long service life. The design of the flange ensures that the filter modules are compatible with existing filter systems.

The robust rigid body construction offers a large filtration surface in a small space.

The principle of surface filtration and the uniformity of the ePTFE membrane result in a low pressure drop and a high filtration performance as the dust is fully separated by the membrane surface. Dust cannot enter the sintered material through the membrane surface. A short impulse of compressed air from the inside cleans the filter module and any residual dust will be collected in the filter housing.